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a while ago my roommate asked me if i wanted to go to a silverstein concert with her. i wasn't really into the band at all, but i'm all over live shows. so we drove to the loft, which is perfect for smaller more intimate shows, and awaited.

let me tell you what, they turned me into a fan that night. the show was amazing, they were very energetic, often, shane offered the microphone to an extremely excited fan in the crowd. there were three little stool things on the stage for them to jump around on, which really got the place roaring, and at the end of the show they jumped off of them into the crowd. in the midst of being center stage where all the crazy action squishing goes on, i looked towards right stage to see neil the guitarist looking right at me, and kissing the neck of his guitar. after the show was over, i was standing in a small crowd of people in front of neil, and he tried throwing me his pick, which due to my bad depth perception, i missed. then he tried again. and a third time. i missed all of them. i'd like to think he was trying to get in my pants ;) i did however get one of the drumsticks from paul. :)

the loft is small enough so the bands can sit around afterwards and meet the fans, so thats what we did.

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me and shane, singer

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me and paul, drummer. you can kind of see my drumstick too!

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last but not least me and neil, guitarist. i told him not to be generic in the picture

so thats that! any other silverstein fans out there? seeing them live has made me fall in love with them!

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