Distance (desperatepoetry) wrote in concerts_r_us,

So, I went to a local show Friday and Saturday in StL. Anti-Racism Awareness....crappy turnout which made us all sad. I worked security and on my breaks, of coursed, moshed. I chipped a tooth, pierced my lip with one of my teeth...but all in good fun. :)

Solvi came all the way from Memphis, Tennesse, and they were the best band there on Friday. On Saturday Soul Decenders came. For 14-15 year olds they're EXTREMELY talented, and I was shocked. Black Tape was also good...as well as Auburn Serene (as always). The bassist talked to me and it was awesome.

I also got a free Sleep State Demo...and would have gotten a Soul Decenders one had I not given it to my friend who was down about the turn-out (shes a singer in a local band here, Lack of Conformity). I also got an Addien sticker, and they're very nice guys.

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